Saturday, March 1, 2008

dream-master of the universe

For anyone that knows me or has spent any significant amount of time talking to me; they know that I am one who has incredibly detailed and vivid dreams. I really enjoy relating the latest in my ongoing sleepy adventures with friends, and they all agree that these stories need to be recorded in some form purely because of their entertainment value. If nothing else, these escapades may give a brief glimpse into my twisted personality, creativity, and strange imagination. I will do my best to share the unadulterated version of these colorful worlds that I enter into each night. I realize fully that there may be incriminating evidence that others may use to pick me apart. However, I am me, I am completely comfortable with who I am, and I have no secrets. Also, I always enjoy hearing others' view of me, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Please feel free to comment.

As of late, many of my family and friends have been regularly updating (or not updating) their personal blogs with missives of their lives. Yesterday I drew inspiration from a friend, mostly because she hasn't updated her blog in over 2 months. As I was blog-stocking her, I realized that I could not be upset or disappointed with the lack of updates when I do not have one of my own. I have always wanted to keep a dream log because they are often entertaining and of the strangest of varieties; and I figure that this is the best venue to do so.

Just so we are clear, this will not be a blog in the traditional sense. By a quirk of my own personality, I have always been against keeping a blog. Not exactly sure why, but it may be because I am a non-conformist at times. This log will only be updated as I have dreams that are worthy to be recorded and no preface will be given. They will be told as if they really happened and this will be the first and last explanatory post given. If I have noteworthy commentary to add, it will be as an edit to this post and this post only.

Please open up your mind and imagination. I wish to warmly usher you into the zany, exciting, confusing, sometimes slightly disturbing, euphoric, crazy, vivid, loud, lucid world of my dreams.


I. OK, I have made the executive decision to censor certain "scenes" from my dreams in order to promote a more family friendly environment, but there *might* be another dream log of the PG-13 variety for those who are interested.

II. please enter PASSWORD

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III. I am so excited because I am will now occasionally be featuring posts from guest dreamers. If you feel left out and want to join in on the fun, email me a post-worthy dream of your own, let me know if you want it to be anonymous or not, and I will see what I can do.


lydia said...

intrigued.... waiting...

Mahina said...

wow! quite the introduction! welcome! and thianks for the comment on my blog, even if it was just a plug for yours! love you!

ilene said...

i'm about to slip or escape, perhaps simply enter into the mind of Kawika--revealed...i'm holding my breath with anxious anticipation.

Flyin' Hawaiian said...

enter at your own risk ;)